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To make a sale, bring new insights about your customer

Just out of a conversation with one of our Brand consultants and got a great learning. Customers buy from you not because your product or service is better but because they believe you bring new insights into their industry. So, … Continue reading

27. February 2013 by Rishi
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Smaller faster cheaper better

Smaller faster cheaper better is the trend I heard this dialouge in a movie on TV and it reflects what we go through on a daily basis without realising. Smaller goals – Reduce scope of your Dreams & Targets, so … Continue reading

18. June 2012 by Rishi
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Watching Sports is good for managers

Last one week I have been watching EURO 2012 and it has taught me a lot of lessons on management. 1) Organizing talent inside the team is more important than having them 2) Learn to switch off when you are … Continue reading

16. June 2012 by Rishi
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