Entrepreneurs should keep it real and do what is right for the organization

As an Entrepreneur, vision is something that is your strong point but it is always necessary to ground your actions in reality as you are always working constrained resources. Some of the ways you can keep your actions grounded in reality are:

  1. Find a good co-founder who compliments you and can appreciate your strengths but clearly understands your weaknesses. They should be able to expresses their opinion even if it is against what you believe works.
  2. Follow lean startup model, so that plans become result oriented and get validated before we burn too many resources on an idea.
  3. Think about what your shareholders want. If they don’t exist, atleast wear that hat for some time. Basically, does it create business value for the organization.
  4. Have some advisers with who can listen and give opinions.

What more can we do?
Please suggest.

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21. August 2011 by Rishi
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