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It is difficult for me to get motivated doing business for the last 8 years and having met lot of people.

Yesterday, happened to be a different day. Met a man who has made careers of young guys his business and believes in it so much that he fights on their behalf.

In his words, “It is the essence and reason of my life. I sleep and wakeup with it. I think and breathe it. We will never leave each other” about his venture careers360mahesh1

Maheshwar Peri, has had a long haul as Media Guy who always brought in different perspective from the industry and clearly stood out amongst peers.

Last month, i decided to meet inspirational CEOs (atleast once a month) and he was on top of my list and I also needed inspiration and there it was flowing freely and i did my best to dip into the well and take as much as i can.

Will keep postings snippets from the conversations i have with these inspirational figures.

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18. February 2013 by Rishi
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