Smaller faster cheaper better

Smaller faster cheaper better is the trend

I heard this dialouge in a movie on TV and it reflects what we go through on a daily basis without realising.

Smaller goals – Reduce scope of your Dreams & Targets, so that they become achievable.
Faster delivery – Reduce the deadlines, so we can see progress every day. If things are taking more time, have smaller goals.
Cheaper experiments – As we do not know what really works in the world as it is changing regularly smaller goals and faster delivery helps adjust and reduce the cost of experimentation. It also improves the system awareness.
Better results – Once the expected results come, don’t be satisfied. Push for better results every time you work on the task as what is possible keeps on changing in this competitive world.

These have helped me develop into a better and result oriented professional.

What do you say?

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18. June 2012 by Rishi
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