How does an entrepreneur tick?

I just observed that my last post was in April 2010 & am trying compile a summary of what happened to my entrepreneurial journey.

Last one and half year was crazy. I learnt a lot about what makes an entrepreneur tick in their pursuit of creating something meaningful and sustainable.

What makes an entrepreneur tick?

  1. It is mostly about reading the “IF” poem daily and living it every minute.
  2. It is about knowing “Murphy’s law” exists and still keeping your head to get things “work” around you.
  3. It is about believing and leading your team with that belief.
  4. It is about surrounding “great” people around you and listening to them.
  5. It is knowing that “Every business has a cycle of growth and slump and living through it”

I need a lot of motivation. What makes you tick around through difficult times?

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18. July 2011 by Rishi
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